Castle: Why Beckett… & Who Will Receive Those Files?

Det. Beckett played by Stana Katic in "Knockout"

It’s been one week since we were knocked out (nice play on words, huh?) by the season finale of Castle. Beckett is jarred by the betrayal and death of Capt. Montgomery and boy the audience is too.

I cannot count the number of times I have re-watched “Knockout” in the past week analyzing every shot.

Det. Beckett, played by Stana Katic, will survive even though creator Andrew Marlowe recently said in an interview that she wasn’t wearing a bullet-proof vest. But if she didn’t survive who would Castle follow? There wouldn’t be a show. So I’m not acknowledging this as a possibility.

But some details continue to tug at my heart. One, why Beckett? Two, did Capt. Montgomery mail those files to Castle?

Throughout “Knockout” the question of whether or not Hal Lockwood, the hired hit man, is coming after Beckett is discussed, but why Beckett? She doesn’t know who is behind the whole conspiracy, and Capt. Montgomery takes this information to grave with him. So why Beckett? I believe it is because she wants to find out who killed her mother, which will reveal the man behind it all. This, I’m sure, will be addressed in the upcoming seasons.

Did Capt. Montgomery mail those files to Castle before baiting the hit man and his counterparts to the helicopter hangar? Marlowe also revealed in another interview that Castle will have to deal with knowing more information than Beckett in the upcoming season (upcoming… counting down the days to the season premiere). Capt. Montgomery acknowledged Castle’s hold over Beckett in the final episode, so who better than Castle to mail them to? Plus, why else would that scene have been included in the finale, when so many details were being divulged? The writers were smart to include it because the betrayal pushed the shot to the background, which leaves it to be addressed next season.

Never has one show left me so emotionally jarred. Not Grey’s Anatomy. Not Glee. Not even Friends, which I continue to have a strong connection with.

Sad news–It’s only been one week since the finale. For now, I will attempt to get my dad up-to-date with seasons one and two of Castle because he jumped into the story during “Knockdown.” Castle fans cannot get enough of this show. Re-runs of my favorite duo will have to do.


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