Castle: Muses, Moles & Melt-worthy Moments

If you haven’t watched this week’s episode, Linchpin, of ABC’s Castle, then you need to stop reading now and go watch it — Spoiler alert.

If you have watched it, then let’s jump in, or plunge in like Beckett’s police cruiser into the Hudson River during the opening sequence.

The writers of Castle are absolutely genius. They introduced us to Sophia Turner, a CIA agent and former muse of Richard Castle, and dangled their former relationship in front of the audience and then completely blew us away in the end with the revelation about Castle’s father. This is the epitome of knowing who your audience is and what makes them tick — That is Beckett and Castle’s relationship or, at this point, partnership.

At one moment, Beckett asks Sophia why her and Castle didn’t work out — leaves Beckett vulnerable and Sophia’s response tears at our heart. There relationship was built upon sexual tension, which they eventually gave into, and left them with nothing but those things that annoyed them about each other. While Beckett and Castle’s relationship is built upon extreme sexual tension and chemistry, there is more to their relationship.

Many people believe Beckett is wounded by her mother’s murder (rightfully so!) and the Capt. Montgomery conspiracy, but we have seen Castle betrayed numerous times —  Meredith, Damian, Sohpia. What’s more, he chooses to love — he chooses to love Beckett and to protect her, even though he’s been burned.

Their relationship blinded us from the remote possibility that Sophia could be the mole. But, in the end, it pushed Beckett and Castle even closer together. And it could not be more evident when Beckett asks Castle about Sophia betraying him, especially after he based Clara Strike, a character from his Derrick Storm series, on her.

Castle starts, “Clara started off like Sophia, but she ended up more like you. You know — smart, fierce, kind. I think that’s one of the reasons why I was drawn to you — as a muse.”

This was a completely melt-worthy moment. If you don’t believe me, watch it below.

While I can’t get over the ending, there’s still the question of Castle’s father. Up until now, Castle doesn’t know who his father is and doesn’t care to know, as he has said. But as Sophia stood with her gun pointed toward Beckett and Castle, she revealed that his father played a role in Castle’s access to the CIA while doing character “research,” which he thought he was granted because of his charm.

But who is Castle’s father? Have we been introduced to him? If that’s the case, then I’m placing my money on the dark, shadowy figure who is connected to Beckett’s mother’s case — he was in the season premiere and the recent episode with the mayor. This is the easiest connection because we have no frame of reference for the dark, shadowy figure. If so, then how is Castle’s father connected to Beckett and  why is he protecting her.


That remains to be answered. As I stated earlier, the writers are genius and, I believe, they strategically placed their pawns on the chess board, to use the metaphor of Pandora and Linchpin, the two-part Castle event.

For now, let’s melt over that ending — Beckett nudged Castle as they walked out of the Twelfth Precinct.


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