Friday Freak Out: It’s Funnier on TV

I’ve always wanted to have a Carrie Bradshaw moment. But I thought that moment would include my own Mr. Big, a fabulous outfit and a great night out.

Little did I know that my Carrie Bradshaw moment would happen as I stood in the Apple Store at the Mall of America. I didn’t imagine Mr. Big would be played by a Genius Bar worker and an all-day event that included me babysitting my data transfer.

Let me start from the beginning. Over the weekend, my iMac, the love of my life, restarted and, instead of opening to its main terminal, it flashed a file folder with a question mark. My immediate thought — This can’t be good.

“There was a mean little man that popped up and he had Xs where his eyes should be. And his tongue was hanging out of the side of his mouth,” Carrie Bradshaw said. “That’s a sad Mac. You should’ve told me that before,” the data recovery man instructed. “Oh my god, why? Why? What does that mean?” Carrie exclaimed.

My brain continued to loop this Carrie Bradshaw moment throughout the weekend. I immediately contacted Apple support with no help. Eventually I was able to access my main terminal but couldn’t back up my data on an external hard drive I bought. At my Genius Bar appointment, I learned that my hard drive was failing and I’d be able to attempt to transfer my data but with no guarantee that all of it would be transfered.

Honestly, I had every intention of backing up my computer, especially with 10 giga bytes worth of documents including important portfolio pieces and all of my academic work. And let’s not forget my iTunes library. I love music and prided myself on having an enormous song selection. Now it could all be gone. You’re probably thinking, “But you can download your iTunes purchases again.” But what about the music I received from mix CDs? It’s gone.

So learn from my mistake. Please, back up your data. You can purchase external hard drives at a fairly decent price at your local Target. And after studying the prices of external hard drives at Apple, you will want to purchase it at Target. They are not marked up and are for both PCs and Macs.

Please, back up your data. I cannot stress it enough. This was my worst nightmare come true. It is yet to be seen how much data will be recovered from my hard drive.

And trust me, as someone who has lived through it, it’s much funnier on TV.


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