Castle: Girl Talk & a Big Opportunity

The weekend is finally here. For some people, that’s an expression of relief and excitement. But, for me, that expression represents, “Thank god it’s the weekend, only a few more days until a new episode of Castle!”

The latest episode, “47 Seconds,” which left me heartbroken, where Castle learns that Beckett remembers everything from the day she was shot. In case you forgot, she has denied remembering any part of it, specifically the whispering of “I love you, Kate” by  Castle, for the entirety of the season.

What’s more, her secret comes out and she isn’t aware that Castle knows. It breaks my heart.

Well, let’s look on the bright side. It’s Saturday, which means Castle is two days away. And, the latest sneak peeks have been released for the upcoming episode, “The Limey.” Here they are:

1. It’s time for some girl talk. It’s about time Lanie talked some sense into Kate. “The guy is crazy about you. And despite your little act, you’re crazy about it. What? Was that supposed to be some big secret.” Thank god, plain and simple. This is the first time we really get a little insight into Kate’s perspective. We always get that with Castle, whether it be with Martha or Alexis. So writers, I thank you for this and would love to see more of it.

2. “I feel like I just walked into a bad episode of Miami Vice,” said Kate Beckett. Break my heart. Castle regresses to his playboy ways and rubs it in Kate’s face. After last week, Kate will need to be the one who speaks up.

3. And instead of speaking up, Kate makes Castle jealous. In “47 Seconds,” Martha said that Castle cannot work side-by-side with Beckett and turn his feelings off. He disagrees and said he can. Welcome back, feelings and emotions!

 4. In case you  missed the promo for “The Limey,” then here it is. Please note the narrator’s words, “An opportunity so big, she better grab it before it’s lost forever.” Is that a little foreshadowing? My imagination is running wild with various theories. Remember, Stana revealed Castle fans will be a 12 on a scale of one to 10 by the end of the season, so let’s remain positive.

5. And finally, to hold you over until Monday, here is a fantastic fan video.  I’m OBSESSED with the song “Poison & Wine” by The Civil Wars, and this video contains the latest Castle and Beckett moments. Absolutely phenomenal.

Two days, Castle fans. Two days.

For the latest information on Castle, check out Wetpaint Entertainment. It’s my go-to website for TV news.


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