Soundtrack of My Life: April 6

Happy Friday everyone! Let’s get the weekend started with some songs to add to your playlist.

1. “Dance Again (Feat. Pitbull)” by Jennifer Lopez: JLo and Pitbull are back at it again. And I cannot stop playing this song over and over again. It’s perfect for taking your workout outdoors and hitting the pavement.

2. “Watching You Watch Him” by Eric Hutchinson: His voice mixed with the guitar is the essence of sitting in the sun as the wind blows and you watch that someone special who has absolutely no idea how much you care for them. Great song.

3. “What Makes You Beautiful” by One Direction: How can you not fall in love with this song? I want to sing it to everyone, and it definitely is a mood booster when working out.

4. “Run (Feat. Jennifer Nettles)” by Matt Nathanson: I’m a HUGE Matt Nathanson fan and, of course, this song is perfection! Matt and Jennifer recently performed on Dancing With The Stars — one of my personal favorites — two of the professional dancers performed as Matt and Jennifer sang. It made this song ten times hotter. Perfection.

5. “Part of Me” by Katy Perry: Everyone needs an anthem, and here it is. Enough said. Well done, Katy Perry. Well done.

Haven’t found your anthem yet? Well, keep looking and let me know when you do.

Have a great weekend!


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