Castle: Secrets Explode & Walls Come Down

“Secrets are like time bombs,” Castle said. “Eventually… they explode,” expressed Beckett.

If you’ve been watching season four of ABC’s castle, then you’re well aware of the theme — secrets.

Well, one bomb has already exploded. In “47 Seconds,” as Beckett interrogates a bomb suspect without the help of her crime-novelist pal, she corners the suspect as she admits shock is not excuse.

“It was not the trauma. You don’t get to use that excuse,” Beckett said, as Castle unknowingly looked on. “The hell you don’t remember. Do you want to know trauma? I was shot in the chest and I remember every second of it.”

Since then, we’ve seen Castle painfully pull away from his muse. But, we’ve also seen Lanie, medical examiner and friend, nudge Beckett toward outwardly expressing her feelings for Castle to Castle.

As Beckett slowly works through her feelings, we’re inching ever so close to the season finale, which is scheduled to air May 7. Three episodes left, including Monday’s episode, “Headhunters.”

Much like Castle, I’ve resorted to creating grand theories in my head as to how the writers will push our two favorite leads together and, ultimately, how the season finale, which is titled “Always,” will play out.

1. Beckett’s wall comes down. How exactly — I don’t know. In “Rise,” the season premiere, Beckett said, “After my mother was killed, something inside me changed. It’s like I built up this wall inside. I don’t know — I guess I didn’t want to hurt like that again. I know I’m not going to be able to be the kind of person I want to be. I’m not going to be able to have the kind of relationship I want until that wall comes down. And that isn’t going to happen until I put this thing to rest.” As far as we’re concerned, Castle is still independently investigating her mother’s murder. Maybe Castle finds a piece of information that shines a brighter light on those involved. But, how does Kate handle the fact that Castle was independently investigating without her but to protect her? Which leads to the next point.

2. The files see daylight. In season three’s “Knockdown,” Beckett told Castle she believed her mother, Johanna Beckett, was killed because of case she was working on. Johanna had requested files that went missing. In the season finale, Capt. Montgomery sends, what I believe to be, those same files to the dark, shadowy figure, who we meet in the season four premiere and who also makes an appearance in “Dial M for Mayor.” If these files do come out, then Beckett’s safety isn’t guaranteed, as promised. The Castle writers have strategically made the presence of these files known in all episodes that involve Johanna Beckett’s murder. Why? Series Creator Andrew Marlowe and various actors have said the finale will be emotionally shocking — I’m thoroughly convinced the emotion stems from those files.

3. “My precinct is not a place for vendettas.” If those files are emotionally shocking and made public, then Capt. Gates would learn the nature of the cover up in regard to Capt. Montgomery’s involvement, and also that they were investigating the case after she had closed it, which leads me to believe that Beckett and possibly Ryan Esposito will be suspended from duty after this revelation. Will Capt. Gate’s suspension of the team push Castle and Beckett closer together? That is yet to be seen but, boy, I sure hope so!

Now, let’s focus on the present. In “Headhunters,” Castle seeks out another detective in an attempt to pull away from Beckett but he will quickly learn that the grass isn’t always greener on the other side. We also see Kate have a Castle breakthrough with her therapist.

Take a look.

“What do you think he’s telling you with his behavior?” Dr. Burke said. “That maybe he’s not there anymore. That maybe he’s not ready. What if I waited too long?” Kate said.

Honestly, I hope Castle is put in an uncomfortable position as he is galavanting around New York with Det. Slaughter, who is played by “Firefly” alum Adam Baldwin, and comes to terms with his feelings about not only Beckett but also dets. Ryan and Esposito.

It’s finally here, Castle fans. The day has finally arrived.

Please note Castle shouting, “NPYD!”


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