Goals: Three Month Assessment

Three months ago I set three goals for myself to work toward in the post “Goals: It’s the Tactic to the Strategy.” Well, today I will be assessing how well I practiced these goals.

Here are the three goals:

  1. Build my resume and get relevant experience in public relations
  2. Save more money
  3. Read one book every week and a half

Build my Resume

Job searching, cover letter writing, interview prep, interviews, editing, networking  — That  basically sums up the past three months, and boy has it been a learning experience. While I didn’t add any experience to my resume, I have received a lot of feedback that will allow me to market myself better. So, keep on keeping on — building my resume continues to be on the list. Eventually all of this hard work will pay off and be worth it in the end.

Save Money

I have, surprisingly, had a lot of success with this goal. I’ve learned how to identify the difference between a need and a want, especially while in a store (Hello, Target!). I don’t need to spend almost $4 on a cup of coffee every day when I can make it at home. I’ve learned how to make small changes, which lead to me having more money to save. This is even more important now. I’ll start paying student loans in July, as previously noted, and I was asked to be a bridesmaid this weekend (Which I’m ecstatic about and the wedding is in San Diego!). While I have been successfully saving, I need to keep this one of the list for obvious reasons.

Read a Book Every Week and a Half

At first, this goal was going well — it was winter, cold and I didn’t want to spend every minute outside — So I’d hibernate with a good book. As the temperatures have gotten higher and the sun is shining, this goal has become more difficult because I want to do anything and everything active outside. Now it’s my goal to sit outside with a good book and complete a  book every two weeks.

There’s no such thing as perfect, but rather practice. Practice allows room for adjustments, according to Jillian Michaels. While these are the same goals as I had for the last three months, there’s always room for improvement, and at the three-month mark, I can improve my practice of these goals.

What are your goals? Are you practicing them everyday?

“Why choose to fail when success is an option?” Jillian Michaels asked. It’s your life — own it.


2 thoughts on “Goals: Three Month Assessment

  1. I am sending your middle goal on saving money to my 26-year-old daughter. She makes a Target run every day! It amazes me, but she loves Target. Unfortunately, she buys something every day, too! Thanks for the help. All joy in meeting your goals. HF

    • I didn’t realize how much money I would spend at Target — stop in quick for a few things, come out with more than I need and end up spending $15 – $20. You quickly realize how it adds up. A marketing professor of mine would repeat in class, “Targets goal is to bring women into the store for one more shopping trip, so they’ll spend more money.” Clearly this philosophy works, but you need to acknowledge it and make a list of what to buy. It helped me! Thanks for your well wishes! Hope your daughter can overcome the Target addiction! 🙂

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