Pretty Little Liars: The A-Team is Back!

The A-team — Spencer, Aria, Hannah and Emily — is back in the third season premiere of ABC Family’s Pretty Little Liars, which airs tonight at 8/7 central. Let’s not forget ABC Family is currently airing a marathon of season two episodes.

Let’s get down to business now — spoiler alert! In the season two finale, Mona, Hannah’s best friend, was revealed as the infamous “-A,” as altercations between Mona and Spencer occurred en route to a secluded hotel in connection with Allison’s disappearance. Mona is surely headed for jail but, the question remains, was Mona acting alone? If not, then who is she controlling? And, how will Mona control them in her orange jumpsuit?

According to TV Line, (Pretty Little Liars Boss Talks Season 3 Secrets — Ezra’s got ‘Em — and the Return of Maya?!?) Oliver Goldstick, the show’s executive producer, said the upcoming episodes will delve into “finding out who was the Black Swan, and also who is part of the ‘A’ syndicate… Is ‘A’ actually more than one person? And is Mona in fact controlling these people from behind ‘bars,’ or is Garrett the one doing that?”

While these are all important questions, what about Maya? Is she really dead? Nothing is as it appears in this show, so I’m going to take a wild guess and say no. Goldstick said, “You have not seen the last of Maya,” and Megan Masters from TV Line is happily reporting that it will not be in the form of a flashback.

So, where does tonight’s premiere start?

“It’s five months later, and there’s still a lot to recover from for these girls,” Goldstick said, according to TV Line. “The only thing that’s any comfort for them at all is the fact that Garrett is behind bars.”

“The web is more t’A’ngled than they ever imagined,” so take a look at the promo:

Can’t wait for the premiere? Me either.

Thank god for summer television premieres — Happy Pretty Little Liars premiere watching, A-team!

Not caught up? Then you’re in luck, seasons one and two are available on DVD.


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