Castle: The Kiss That Broke The Internet

It’s been a month since the season finale, titled “Always,” of ABC’s Castle aired. Usually I’ve always looked forward to summer but, honestly, is it September yet?

“Always” finally (FINALLY!) brought our two favorite leads together — the writer and his muse — in what I would like to call “The Kiss That Broke The Internet.”

If you haven’t seen it, then please take a moment to watch it now. You won’t be disappointed.

But, over the past four seasons, as Castle has assisted Beckett in the name of character research, we’ve seen numerous melt-worthy moments. In these moments, Castle has the ability to see through the protective shield she has put up. He has the ability to pinpoint who she is and how she feels, and Beckett knows he’s right.

As a result, Kate Beckett slowly lets her guard down, and we see the evolution of a well-written, strong female character.

So, to satisfy my longing for September and new episodes of Castle, I’ve compiled five of my favorite Castle make-me-melt moments. These are the moments that showcase Beckett’s strength but acknowledge her weaknesses and ability to turn them into opportunities for growth.”Most people come up against a wall, they give up. Not you. You don’t let go — You don’t back down. That’s what makes you extraordinary.”

1. “Most people come up against a wall, they give up. Not you. You don’t let go — you don’t back down. That’s what makes you extraordinary.”

2. “You know what I thought when I first met you? That you were a mystery I was never going to solve. Even now, after spending all this time with you, I’m still amazed at the depths of your strength, your heart and your hotness.”

3. “Well, Clara started off as Sophia, but she ended up being more like you. You know, smart, fierce, kind. I think that’s one of the reasons why I was to you, as a muse.”

4. “Just waiting for my partner. Maybe you’ve seen her — pretty girl, think she can leap tall buildings in a single bound, carries the weight of the world on her shoulders, yet, still manages to laugh at some of my jokes. Anyway, if you do see her, tell her she owes me about a hundred coffees.”

5. “How are you…? Because of everything we’ve been through together. Four years, I’ve been right here. Four years, just waiting for you to open your eyes and see that I’m right here. And, I’m more than a partner. Every morning I bring you a cup of coffee just so I can see a smile on your face because I think you are the most remarkable, maddening, challenging and frustrating person I’ve ever met. And I love you, Kate. If that means anything to you. If you care about me at all, just don’t do this.”
The last scene is the icing on the cake — it’s bittersweet. All of their secrets come out. Castle admits his love for her — not once, but twice. He puts his heart on the line and, in true Kate Beckett style, she does not back down. She does not give in, and that’s what makes it extraordinary.
If you haven’t watched an episode of Castle in your life, then you have the entire summer to get caught up.
And, if you do watch Castle and need your fix, ABC is currently airing reruns. ABC aired “Kill Shot” on Monday, June 4 and earned Castle it’s highest summer hiatus rerun to date, according Wetpaint Entertainment. “Cuffed” will be airing Monday, June 11 at 10/9 central.
Happy Castle-ing!


2 thoughts on “Castle: The Kiss That Broke The Internet

    • I’ve never been so excited for September in my life. It’s amazing how Castle has been able to transform small details of life and make them the greatest part of the week or year — Mondays and September. Caskett. Holy. Sigh. 🙂

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