costa christina

“But she’s pretty; she could do better than a Nicaraguan. She could be with a Tico or an American,” a Tica (Costa Rican woman) asserted, referring to a gringa in town who has a Nicaraguan boyfriend.

She goes on to tell me that Nicaraguans are “problematic people.” How so? I ask.  “They don’t resolve conflicts they”—and then she grabs a knife and looks at me meaningfully, head cocked to the side. “Maybe because they are poorer there,” she adds.

I hear that job prospects are a bit better here in Costa Rica than in Nicaragua, so immigration from the north is common. My understanding is that the way the Nicaraguan immigrant population is regarded by many Costa Ricans is comparable to how many U.S. Americans view Latino immigrants.  Stealing jobs, committing crimes, insert additional generalizations here. Interesting cycle, eh?—people from different parts of Latin America discriminate against each other, then…

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