[Spoiler] Castle: ‘After the Storm’ … A Caskett-y Afterglow

We’ve made it, Castle fans! It’s time to bask in the Caskett-y afterglow, especially since ABC released a few sneak peek clips from the Castle season premiere.


If you haven’t seen them, brace yourself. Fangirling is about to hit new levels. Insert numerous “Oh my god”s, excessive smiling, hands flailing and, maybe, some jumping up and down.

I could describe the wonderfulness of the firat sneak peek clip, but my words won’t do it justice, so here it is:

Ready for more? I thought so.

The second sneak peek is just as equally amazing. A Caskett walk of shame — who would’ve thought?

Take a peek:

Alexis hungover. Beckett forgetting her bra. Castle’s shirt is unbuttoned.

Enough said.

Welcome back, Castle! It’s been far, far too long!

We’re in the final stretch, only hours to go until the premiere, which airs after Dancing With The Stars.

I love Mondays! Happy Castle-ing!


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