Monday Motivation: Just Don’t Care What People Think. #Dance

We spend a lot of our waking time caring what other people think–how they perceive us. As someone who spends most of her time interacting with people, I’m always thinking about how I’m perceived and how that reflects upon the company I work for.

One of the greatest lessons I learned in school was, perception is reality. Sometimes it’s difficult to flip the caring switch off. This Monday motivation is inspired by Phoebe Buffay. Yep, that Phoebe Buffay. The Phoebe Buffay of “Smelly Cat” fame. In this Friends episode, Rachel and Phoebe go running in Central Park. While Rachel is focused on fitting in with the other runners, Phoebe runs with her hands flailing about. As the episode progresses Rachel sneaks out of the apartment to go running without Phoebe. She’s ashamed of the attention Phoebe draws to them. Watch it for yourself here:

Yesterday, in the cold, arctic tundra that is Minnesota, the sun came out. As someone who hasn’t seen the sun in months, I decided to take my workout outside–ice skating I went. I hadn’t been ice skating in years. After a few trips around the rink, I hit my groove. This is where Justin Timberlake Pandora Radio comes into play. The dance moves came out on the ice. I’m sure it was funny for people to watch. But I haven’t felt that free in a long time. Not a care in the world.

I encourage you to turn your favorite song up, and dance it out. Who cares what you look like, just have fun!


Happy Galentine’s Day!

Gal Valentine’s Day. Absolutely not. Galentine’s Day. It’s February 13–a day dedicated to you celebrating your lady friends! Thanks to Leslie Knope, who is played by Amy Poehler on the NBC show Parks and Recreation, I learned of this day. Ever since, the best friend and I have celebrated our friendship. Still not quite sure about Galentine’s Day? Here’s Leslie Knope to further explain it:


I have to agree with Leslie Knope, it should be a national holiday!

Check out this amazing and fantastic Buzzfeed post about Galentine’s Day.

Happy Galentine’s Day, lady friends!

‘Tis the Season for Holiday Cups

It’s that time of year again–Holiday cups are back at your local Starbucks, or, if you live in the Midwest, then also at Caribou Coffee.

The holidays are a time for tradition–twinkling lights, snow, family and friends, and the colors of the season. But, some things fall short of tradition.

Let’s take a look at how the competition’s cups stack up against each other.

Starbucks Holiday Cup 2013.

Starbucks Holiday Cup.

Caribou Coffee Holiday Cup.

Caribou Coffee Holiday Cup.

As you can see, Caribou’s holiday cup is dominated by a pale blue color, and  reads “Winter Wonderland” sprinkled with snowflakes, which captures the essence of winter.

Whereas, the vibrant red Starbucks features the outline of Christmas tree ornaments, which is accented by the green Starbucks logo. In all things holiday, tradition is important. What’s more traditional than red and green at Christmastime? In this instance, Caribou’s cup is anti-climactic. It falls short of holiday expectations.

Despite Caribou’s lacking holiday cup design, we’ll continue sipping on our Ho Ho Mochas or Peppermint Mochas.

Holiday 'Bou 2013


The Age of Worry: Smile & Embrace it

It’s been far too long since I’ve written a post — far too long. Life has been busy, and a lot has happened in the past few months, but I’ve missed the therapy–if you want to define it as such–that writing provides.

Recently I jumped on the bandwagon of HBO’s hit TV show, Girls. You’re probably thinking to yourself, “You just started watching it. What’s wrong with you?!” In an episode from season one, Marnie begins analyzing her life, as she has just broken up with her boyfriend and was fired from her job. We’re always moving forward — That’s life. Things are always changing. But I constantly find myself thinking about where I want to be and overanalyzing every situation that presents itself.

Image I’m going to take the words out of Marnie’s mouth. “Sometimes being inside my own head is so exhausting it makes me want to cry.”  Rarely do I find myself crying, but it hinders my ability to enjoy everything I have right now. It stops me from fully embracing these moments because I’m constantly thinking of where I want to go, or where I “should” be.

So, what’s the moral of the story? Stop worrying. Or, try to worry less. Be present in every moment, and know there’s always a lesson to be learned that will help you in future endeavors. And ultimately, worrying and overanalyzing does not help — it only deters you from being your best, what ever that may be.

Do as John Mayer so eloquently put it in “The Age of Worry.” “Alive in the age of worry. Smile in the age of worry. Sing out in the age of worry. And say, ‘Worry, get out of here!'”

Monday Motivation: Say No, Do What You Want

Well, hello world! It’s been a while since I’ve written my last post. I’ve missed you! I’ve missed writing! Most of all, I’ve missed working through my thoughts — it’s therapeutic!

In life, we’re given this narrative of what we’re supposed to do. We’re supposed to go to school. We’re supposed to graduate and get a job and live happily ever after.

It isn’t that easy though, especially if you don’t follow the path of what you’re supposed to do. It comes down to the choice of what you’re supposed to do and what you want to do.

As I watched 27 Dresses the other day, one quote struck a chord within me. As Jane, played by Katherine Heigl, walked out of her sister’s engagement party where she was supposed to be the perfect bridesmaid, Kevin, James Marsden’s character, said, “You can say no, and you can do what you want. What do you want?”

You have the power to say no. It’s your life. They’re your decisions and and you have to live with them. If the situation is not right for you, then say no. You have the authority to create the life you want on your own terms.

In the end, if you love your decisions, then you do not need other people to be happy with them.

Create your life for you. Regret nothing.

Monday Motivation: Work Hard, Take Responsibility, Fulfill Dreams

We’re in election mode with election day being only a few weeks away.

Today I stumbled upon an interview by Cindi Leive, editor-in-chief of Glamour magazine, with Pres. Barack Obama. The article focuses on women’s issues, which makes sense since it’s target audience is women. However, I highly encourage you to check it out, which you can do here.

Cindi Leive interviews President Obama
Source: Glamour Magazine

In the interview, Obama said, “I’m not going to be satisfied until every young person who is willing to work hard and take responsibility can fulfill their dreams.”

This quote jumped out at me not only because it’s the foundation of the American dream, but also because, in times of high unemployment and countless employment rejections, it’s easy to take the pessimistic way out. It’s easy to blame the forces outside of your control, and sometimes they are to blame. But that shouldn’t stop you from fulfilling your dreams. And what’s more, that shouldn’t stop you from working hard.

Rejection builds character. So, remember, work hard, take responsibility for yourself and you’ll find your passion and fulfill your dreams. One day. One day, your hard work will pay off.

Please Note: This is not an endorsement of one candidate and does not intend to be. This post aims to share the fundamental principles of the American dream.

Monday Motivation: Become Valuable to the World

Yes, I know, it isn’t Monday. But we could all use a midweek pick-me-up, right? Absolutely.

I’m going to keep this post short and sweet. A friend of mine, Christie from Costa Christina, shared an article from the New York Times titled, “Follow a Career Passion? Let it Follow You,” written by Cal Newport.

Let’s jump right to the end.

Source: Pinterest

Newport wrote at the close of the article, “To other young people who constantly wonder if the grass might be greener on the other side of the occupational fence, I offer this advice: Passion is not something you follow. It’s something that will follow you as you put in hard work to become valuable to the world.”

Work so hard that your passion develops naturally. Find your niche, strive to be better, develop endless possibilities and become valuable to the world.

Nothing is guaranteed in this life. You have to make it happen.