Monday Motivation: Things Change.

I’ve been feeling nostalgic this week with all of the Friends references in pop culture recently–#Hashtag2 and Parks and Recreation. So, of course, I had to YouTube Oprah’s interview with our Friends during the final season. I started the think about my friends and family, and how this show helped me transition from high school to college–with a less than ideal first year of college–and beyond that into adulthood.

The point of this Monday Motivation is that things change. As I get older and older, things keep changing. Change is my weakness. I don’t like it, as I’m sure most people don’t like change. However, sometimes change is necessary for growth.

About a year ago, I received a promotion at work, and had to change locations. The thought of leaving my work team for another team was tearful. They had gotten me through so much. I was able to depend upon them in such great ways. It was a new support system–something I needed and never expected to have. When I started my new position, it was different. I didn’t have my support system. But I adapted and found a new support system–my new boss. With that said, the week ended with me learning my  boss would be leaving due to a promotion. Typically I would say I’m not a crier, but that statement seems to be less and less true.

Once again, here we go with change. But I’ve learned to look at change as a way to reflect upon where I’ve come and what I’ve learned along the way. The following clip from the season four season finale of Castle says it best:

“… Today we say goodbye to everything that was familiar–everything that was comfortable. We’re moving on. But just because we’re leaving and it hurts. There are some people who are so much apart of us, they’ll be with us no matter what. They are our solid ground–our North Star. And, the small, clear voices in our heart that will be with us always.”

Don’t deny change anymore, because you can’t stop it. Reflect upon where you’ve come, and what you want the future to look like.

Change happens. Let’s embrace it.


This is eerily familiar — Frozen Heat anyone?


Castle‘s titular writer/amateur detective will finally meet his dad (played by James Brolin) in the Feb. 25 episode (ABC, 10/9c), and judging by the guns and black masks in the following photos, we think it’s safe to say the father-son moment does not unfold as Rick probably imagined it would.

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The family reunion comes in the second half of Castle‘s annual sweeps two-parter, in which Rick and Kate investigate a murder that exposes a plot to kidnap a wealthy Middle Eastern businessman’s daughter. Could the mysterious Papa Castle be connected to the case?

Check out the gallery below, and then hit the comments with your thoughts.

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Best investment I ever made — even though I absolutely despise my student loan payments!

WCCO | CBS Minnesota

MINNEAPOLIS (WCCO) — Golden Gopher graduates are getting the best bang for their buck, according to The Princeton Review.

The Review named the University of Minnesota Twin Cities a “Best Value College” for 2013.

This is the third straight year that UMTC has been selected, and it’s based on The Princeton Reviews’ assessments that examined academics, cost and financial aid.

The 75 public and 75 private schools were selected from 650 institutions.

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Castle‘s Rick, Lanie, Esposito and Ryan mug for the cameras this Monday when a documentary crew tails the 12th precinct crew as they investigate the death of a rock star. Beckett’s reactions to it all, meanwhile, are equally entertaining — and we’ve got a trio of sneak peeks.

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In the first clip below, Castle puts on quite the performance as he helps Beckett’s team boil down the murder at hand, all leading up to what he apparently thinks is quite the turn of words. (Bonus points if you catch the Spinal Tap nod.)

[flv width=”450″ height=”272″]rtmp://[/flv]

In the second video, Lanie summons Rick and Kate to deliver news that she could just as easily shared over the phone. But you’ll quickly see why she wanted the camera crew to tag along.

[flv width=”450″ height=”272″]rtmp://[/flv]

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Joe Biden Parks and RecreationTuesday night’s election results must’ve been such a relief for Vice President Joe Biden; finally he could tell the world about his upcoming Parks and Recreation cameo!

President Obama’s second-in-command shot a brief scene when the NBC comedy filmed in Washington, D.C. this summer, and The New York Times report.

Because the veep’s appearance on the show could’ve been considered a campaign contribution that would’ve violated Federal Election Commission regulations, all parties were sworn to secrecy, and the comedy held the scene until after the election.

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But what if Obama and Biden hadn’t retained their offices? Executive producer Mike Schur says the scene is all about Leslie meeting her hero and would’ve worked regardless of how the ballot count came out, though the show did have a small add-on ready in case Mitt Romney and Paul…

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Bring on the Christmas cheer!


CastleChristmas will come early — yet finally! — for ABC’s Castle, which will unwrap its first-ever Yuletide-themed episode on Dec. 3, TVLine has learned.

What’s more, we’ve secured exclusive details on the caper that will sprinkle the 12 Precinct’s holiday with something other than cheer.

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The set-up: When a bearded man in a Santa suit carrying an ID reading “Kris Kringle” falls from the sky in Central Park, Castle, Beckett et al are on the hunt to find the person who killed the jolly gent. But in the course of their snooping, they learn — earmuffs, kids! — that this particular St. Nick may have been more naughty than nice.

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And yes, somewhere amidst this less-than-merry murder investigation, Castle and Beckett prepare to…

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I want to be them.


Tina Fey and Amy Poehler hosting the Golden Globes? We want to go to there.

Unfortunately, there’s a few months standing between now and the January 13 awards ceremony – and we’re more impatient than Leslie Knope on election night. (We’re pretty sure you are, too.)

So to tide us all over, here are a few examples of the 30 Rock and Parks and Recreation leading ladies’ best teamwork.

You’ll notice there are a couple from Saturday Night Live, including that infamous Sarah Palin/Hillary Clinton address (“And I can see Russia from my house!”)

Press PLAY on the clips below as often as you must between now and the big night, and then hit the comments with your predictions for their Golden gig!

2011: Saturday Night Live Weekend Update joke-off

2011: Late Night With Jimmy Fallon “Jersey Shore” spoof

2008: Saturday Night Live Palin/Clinton press conference

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