Bethenny: A Refreshing, Balls-to-the-Wall Breath of Morning Talk Show Fresh Air

As a Minnesotan, rarely are we allowed the opportunity to experience any media-related event before the rest of the country — it’s the 16th largest media market in the country, according to Arbitron’s Blue Book of Market Survey Schedule. But, that is just the case with former-Real Housewife of New York, Bethenny Frankel’s, new talk show, Bethenny, that is currently being tested on six FOX stations around the country.

As someone who is an avid viewer of morning news and daytime talk shows — Bethenny is a breathe of fresh air to the morning-talk-show circuit. It’s Bethenny’s balls-to-the-wall attitude meets the epitome of what Glamour magazine represents, while bringing female viewers of all ages together in a culture that harnesses support for the female issues and champions female empowerment.

Bethenny is being tested in six media markets — New York, Los Angeles, Philadelphia, Dallas, Phoenix and Minneapolis — for a six-week period with the possibility of Fox stations launching a new talk show in fall 2013, according to The Hollywood Reporter.

“The program will feature Bethenny’s no-nonsense perspective on everything from pop culture and current events to relationships, beauty, fitness, and lifestyle segments,” an announcement said, according to The Hollywood Reporter.

The program, which airs locally in Minneapolis on KMSP FOX 9, does just that  — it’s honest, informative and entertaining. In Minneapolis, it airs concurrently with ABC’s The View and NBC’s fourth hour of the Today Show with Kathie Lee and Hoda. And let me tell you, Bethenny is a refreshing show option to have.

Bethenny was off to a strong start with a 1.9 rating early in her first week, which, by Thursday, had dropped to a .9 rating, according to The Hollywood Reporter. However, the to-be-determined talk show improved on the .5 average that Fox stations had been reporting during the same time periods with repeats of shows like Nate Berkus, Divorce Court and Dr. Oz.

What’s more, Bethenny did particularly well among women 25 to 54 years old in New York, Philadelphia and Minneapolis, according to The Hollywood Reporter. Bethenny is expected to do well in New York because of her residency in the Empire State and her association with Bravo’s The Real Housewives of New York. Strong ratings amongst this target audience in various markets showcases the potential hit Fox has on its hands.

Thank you, market research, because I could not enjoy Bethenny more. She’s strong. She’s opinionated. She’s someone who picked herself up by her boot straps and created her success. She’s the epitome of the American dream and it’s no wonder why people are crazy for Bethenny.

Dearest Fox,

it would be utterly insane to not pick up Bethenny’s talk show. Yes, I know one must look at the market research, but one must also consider the reputation, following and synergistic energy this woman brings to the table.

Sincerely, a Bethenny Fan and always a Skinnygirl.


Mission Statement: ‘Set a Solid Course For Yourself and Embrace Life’

Source: Glamour Magazine

“We all know that life is about the journey, but having a destination in mind gives a sense of order, structure and, crucially, calm,” Bethenny Frankel said in the February issue of Glamour Magazine. “Plenty of people have a mission statement, even if they don’t call it that.”

Early on in her career, Frankel, author of “A Place of Yes” and reality star of “Bethenny Ever After,” realized she would determine her future, according to Glamour. And this is the mission statement she created:

You are destined for something special. But no one can do it for you, and no on can save you. You have to save yourself.

Frankel gave four easy steps for developing a mission statement:

  1. Think about what you want.
  2. Tell everyone or just write it down.
  3. Live your mission in which ever way you find meaningful.
  4. Envision everything you do as part of and supporting of your mission.

And here’s what I came up with:

  • Thanks to my public relations degree, I have developed a love for brands and branding, so I will use brands as a frame of reference. While brands must balance their employees, customers and investors to create brand trust, I must balance the three most important aspects of my life: Family and friends, professional growth and health, which includes mental, physical and emotional health, to create internal and external trust in myself. As I continue to evolve and change, the balance will also shift. But learning how to balance them is the name of the game.
  • Take responsibility and contribute to my destiny. You know what you want, which is to work in entertainment television, specifically in promotions and publicity. Don’t be afraid of your goals and do everything you can to achieve them. You are responsible for your own destiny (This one is similar to our favorite Skinnygirl’s mission statement, but it’s true).
  • Invest in myself and my friends and family. Let’s embrace each other and be the best we can be, together. Look at every opportunity as a learning experience.
  • Don’t take myself too seriously. It’s easy to get caught up in the stresses of our daily lives. But don’t forget to laugh (and dance!) A LOT!
  • And, finally, don’t apologize for being who you are. Bethenny said it best: “The more time someone spends hating me, the more I assume there’s something missing in her life, something she hates about herself.”

So here’s Bethenny’s final piece of advice: “Set a solid course for yourself. Then embrace everything life hands you–and when in doubt, consult your mission statement. It has the answer.”