Monday Motivation: Awaken Your Vision

Throughout my on-going job search, I’ve had a lot of time to assess what I want in my life — both personally and professionally — and I’ve learned a lot about myself, to say the least.

We all have a vision inside of us. For some people, it’s quite clear. For other people, the blurriness slowly transforms into shapes and those shapes become a clear picture.

For me, my vision is quite clear.

But. There’s always a but.

But how to turn that vision into reality is where I run into problems — the eternal struggle between your heart and head — love versus logic.

Most recently, my vision has become quite clear — crystal clear. The struggle emerges when I try to achieve that vision while being logical and thoughtful.

The vision has set me on a new path and, thankfully, I’m in the early stages of researching how to make that vision a reality.

So, look inside — what awakens you? Once you’ve identified your vision, don’t deny it. That’s where our hearts and our heads often conflict. You can only try to deny your inner feelings for so long. At some point, you’ll look  back on your life and wonder, “If only.”

Don’t wait for “if only.” Make your vision happen. Create your life.

Happy Memorial Day, everyone!


Monday Motivation: Be Better Than Yourself

Today’s motivation comes to us courtesy of Jouer Cosmetics. As I was sitting outside today writing a cover letter, I stumbled across this picture, which Jouer posted on their Facebook.

It immediately brightened my outlook on life. For the past five months, I have been job searching — searching job postings, writing cover letters, interviewing — but nothing has lead to a full-time job. As someone who is Type A and likes to be in control, not finding a job immediately after graduating has been difficult for me, as I’m sure it is for anyone job hunting right now.

In these past few months, I have spent a lot of time analyzing my qualifications and skills and, ultimately, comparing myself to other potential candidates. But this quote put it all in perspective — If I persistently try to be better than the person I was yesterday, then, in the end, I will have something to show for it. And, instead of comparing myself to others, I should compare myself to the person I was yesterday and how I can become a better person tomorrow.

Today, that focus is writing more cover letters.

How are you going to be better than the yesterday you?