Soundtrack of My Life: May 2

Love — it’s the theme of this playlist. An unknown love. A  first love. A love for life. A love for anything. So let’s get started.

1. “I Wish” by One Direction: I’ve finally jumped on the latest British boy band invasion. Recently, I downloaded Spotify in an attempt to save money rather than purchasing every song I like on iTunes (Yes, it saves money but you can’t put them on CD), and I kept listening to this song over and over again, which is why I have included it here. The song is about a boy who is in love with a girl and, of course, she’s with another guy. Maybe it’s the love triangle but this story line always tears at my heart. It’s “tearing me apart because you don’t see.”

2. “Gold Forever” by The Wanted: Make moments that you can love forever. Make each day stay “gold forever.” Yes, this is another British band (I just can’t resist them!) but the message is clear — don’t take a moment for granted — realize and accept what you’re fortunate enough to have in front of you.

3. “Both of Us” by B.o.B featuring Taylor Swift: Dear iTunes, you should automatically download anything with Taylor Swift into my library upon release. Plain and simple. Thanks. I’m going to buy it, much like I did when John Mayer released “Half of my Heart” featuring Taylor and then, of course, she was barely in the song (Clever marketing, Mr. Mayer. Well played.). What do I love most about this song? Taylor doesn’t let labels keep her from collaborating with people outside of the country music genre — The Civil Wars — and now B.o.B. Love. Can’t stop playing this song.

4. “Stronger” by Ed Sheeran: You’ve probably already heard this song but didn’t realize it — It’s featured in the latest Victoria’s Secret commercial. That commercial captures the essence of this song. The sun shining. The palm trees blowing in the wind. Two people on a beach. The combination of his voice and the music is bliss — almost whimsical.

5. “Distance” by Christina Perri: The simplicity of the lyrics speaks volumes. I’d classify this as the female point of view in regard to the One Direction listed above. If you love this song, then you should also listen to “Arms.” Love Christina Perri and the honesty of her music.

What do you love? Who ever it is or whatever it is, tell them you love them or just get out and do what you love most.

I love love.

Happy Wednesday!


Soundtrack of My Life: April 6

Happy Friday everyone! Let’s get the weekend started with some songs to add to your playlist.

1. “Dance Again (Feat. Pitbull)” by Jennifer Lopez: JLo and Pitbull are back at it again. And I cannot stop playing this song over and over again. It’s perfect for taking your workout outdoors and hitting the pavement.

2. “Watching You Watch Him” by Eric Hutchinson: His voice mixed with the guitar is the essence of sitting in the sun as the wind blows and you watch that someone special who has absolutely no idea how much you care for them. Great song.

3. “What Makes You Beautiful” by One Direction: How can you not fall in love with this song? I want to sing it to everyone, and it definitely is a mood booster when working out.

4. “Run (Feat. Jennifer Nettles)” by Matt Nathanson: I’m a HUGE Matt Nathanson fan and, of course, this song is perfection! Matt and Jennifer recently performed on Dancing With The Stars — one of my personal favorites — two of the professional dancers performed as Matt and Jennifer sang. It made this song ten times hotter. Perfection.

5. “Part of Me” by Katy Perry: Everyone needs an anthem, and here it is. Enough said. Well done, Katy Perry. Well done.

Haven’t found your anthem yet? Well, keep looking and let me know when you do.

Have a great weekend!

Soundtrack of My Life: March 22

We’re hours away from the premiere of the highly anticipated movie “The Hunger Games.” I can barely contain my excitement, so I will channel that energy into a post.

These are the songs I can’t stop playing this week. They capture the essence of the warm temperatures sweeping across the Midwest mixed with the gloomy drizzle.

Here it goes.

1. “Eyes Open” by Taylor Swift: The Hunger Games soundtrack was released on March 20, and with its release came another song by Taylor Swift. This song is different than the first song released from the soundtrack, “Safe & Sound,” and her normal sound — It’s slightly more rock. “Everybody’s watching. Everybody’s waiting for you to break down.”

2. “Feels Good At First” by Train: I’m still not over “Drive By.” This is the first single from Train’s album titled “California 37,” which can be pre-ordered on iTunes. It will be released on April 17.

3. “Gypsy” by Shakira: This song was introduced to me in Zumba class for our cool down dance routine. I immediately fell in love with it. Any description I write of this song wouldn’t do it justice. Have a listen for yourself.

4. “Stars and Boulevards” by Augustana: Spring makes me reminiscent of the past and the person I am today. A few years ago, I was obsessed with Augustana’s “All The Stars and Boulevards” CD, which is why I have started listening to this song again. Enjoy!

5. “Starships” by Nicki Minaj: Every time Nicki releases or is featured on a song I can’t help but love it. Starships is no exception. It’s perfect for rollerblading down the sidewalk as the sun shines. Enough said.

What songs do you have on repeat?

Happy Hunger Games!

Soundtrack of My Life: Feb. 24

It’s finally Friday. The weekend is almost here. So let’s discover a few songs for your weekend playlist.

1. “The Sun Will Rise” by Kelly Clarkson: I came across this song on YouTube — A Castle and Beckett shipper (Yes, I watch Castle and Beckett videos on YouTube. No embarrassment here!) set it to clips from the television show. Immediately, I had to buy it. The next thing I knew, I was outside running to this song and didn’t want to stop. Takeaway message: Even though you don’t think your hard work is paying off now, keep at it and you’ll be rewarded.

2. “Just Breathe” by Pearl Jam: This song is completely out of the realm of what I normally listen to, but the combination of his deep and rugged voice and the light and uplifting music is the perfect combination.

3. “Good Intent” by Kimbra: If you combined Katy Perry and Christina Aguilera, then you’d get Kimbra. She’s known for her vocals in the popular song, “Somebody That I Used to Know,” with Gotye. While I can’t stop playing that song, I absolutely love this video. It’s very Christina Aguilera in her “Back to Basics” phase and it was featured on Grey’s Anatomy. Love the vocals, dance and aesthetic of this video.

4. “What Doesn’t Kill You (Stronger)” by Glee Cast: Love love love the original version by Kelly Clarkson, but something about this version makes me want to jump around and shout it for everyone to hear. It’s simply empowering. It’s an anthem. And it reminds me of Zumba class. Stand up, press play and dance it out.

5. “Come and Find Me” by Josh Ritter: I introduced this song to a friend and her response was, “If John Mayer sounded more like Jack Johnson, then this is what it would sound like.” I couldn’t have said it better my self. Ritter’s voice and the simplicity of the music take you on a lyrical journey.

You’re sure to find a song that fits your mood.

Let’s talk — Do you have any suggestions? I’d love to hear them.

Valentine’s Day: Make Me Melt Playlist

Source: Pinterest

Love is an intense feeling of deep affection, according to New Oxford American Dictionary.

So let me start by saying that I love love. I really love love.

While language, religion, culture and location may separate us, love runs through all of us. Love binds us together — whether it be your first love, a lasting love or love for life — it’s evident in all of us. So let’s celebrate love.

And let’s not forget, the holiday of love, Valentine’s Day, is one week away, which is why I have compiled a list of songs to get the so-called “party” started.

Here the winners are:

1. “Enchanted” by Taylor Swift: How can you deny the wonderstruck image evoked by this song? You can’t, plain and simple. And don’t forget it’s featured in the trailer for The Vow.

2. “Arms” by Christina Perri: The lyrical vulnerability and musical simplicity are truly magical.

3. “Anchor” by Mindy Gledhill: “When all the world is spinning round like a red balloon way up in the clouds and my feet will not stay on the ground, you anchor me back down.”

4. “Helium Hearts” by Jason Reeves: You will feel like you’re floating on cloud nine after listening to this song. “We’re falling skyward.”

5. “You Know It’s True” by Jules Larson: “I’ll put your locket in my heart, keeping you close no matter where you are.”

Now you have a playlist that will surely make you melt, so don’t forget to celebrate all of those people you love.

Make someone’s day special and tell them you love them.

Soundtrack of My Life: July 20

1. “Skyscraper” by Demi Lovato: Welcome back, Demi! This is the first song released by Ms. Lovato after entering rehab, and it’s the epitome of strength and triumph.

2. “Make You Feel My Love” by Adele: While everyone is still “Rolling in the Deep,” I cannot get enough of her vocals in this song, which is a remake of the Bob Dylan classic. You will be consumed by the emotion conveyed in this song and immediately fall in love with it. I promise you that.

3. “Home” by She & Him: Zooey Deschanel’s vocals are reminiscent of music from the 1960s, while painting a picture of blissful love. Personally, it makes me want to ride my bike through a field of flowers as the sun bathes the landscape in its golden rays.

4. “Best Days” by Matt White: This is one of my all-time favorite songs. The lyrics. Matt White’s voice. The expression of love. Enough said. Perfection.

5. “Little Too Much” by Natasha Bedingfield: This is the perfect summer song. Windows down. Stereo up. Singing as loud as you can.”It’s wonderful to fall, let’s love and risk it all.”

As you can see from my song selection, I love love. But then again, who doesn’t?

Speak Now: Long Live the Walls We Crashed Through

Taylor Swift performing "Speak Now" Tuesday at Xcel Energy Center in St. Paul, Minn.

If you were one of the lucky few who were able to catch Taylor Swift on her St. Paul Speak Now tour stop, then you know that this show was phenomenal. The set was reminiscent of Broadway. The sassiness of a true Cover Girl.

Swift sang few songs from her first two albums, Fearless and the self-titled Taylor Swift, which got me thinking about the true superiority of Speak Now.

It’s an album that you can truly listen to from start to finish. And you cannot say that about many albums today. With this in mind, I’ve given myself the task of picking my top five songs from Speak Now, in case you haven’t jumped on the Taylor bandwagon. You might want to after listening to these songs.

1. Enchanted: with the vivid imagery and melody of this song, how could you not feel “Enchanted”?

2. Never Grow Up: in a world where more importance is placed on beauty than intelligence, Taylor reminds us of the important things in life, which are often the things we take most for granted.

3. Dear John: The sassiness of this song is conveyed within seconds of the first guitar strum, which is very John Mayer-ish. But it’s not your typical breakup song. She conveys vulnerability, while being able to move on and analyze what went wrong. Don’t take my word though. You just need to listen to it.

4. Long Live: It’s about the fans. Where would Taylor be without them? Where would the fans be without Taylor in their lives? It’s a relationship that Taylor does not take for granted.

5. Mean: It’s all about the message of this song. Plain and simple. Plus, the catchy lyrics make it extremely difficult to get out of your head. “Why you gotta be so mean?”


If you haven’t had enough Taylor yet, then check out a video I made to remember Taylor’s tour stop in St. Paul. Phenomenal. Period.