Pretty Little Liars: The A-Team is Back!

The A-team — Spencer, Aria, Hannah and Emily — is back in the third season premiere of ABC Family’s Pretty Little Liars, which airs tonight at 8/7 central. Let’s not forget ABC Family is currently airing a marathon of season two episodes.

Let’s get down to business now — spoiler alert! In the season two finale, Mona, Hannah’s best friend, was revealed as the infamous “-A,” as altercations between Mona and Spencer occurred en route to a secluded hotel in connection with Allison’s disappearance. Mona is surely headed for jail but, the question remains, was Mona acting alone? If not, then who is she controlling? And, how will Mona control them in her orange jumpsuit?

According to TV Line, (Pretty Little Liars Boss Talks Season 3 Secrets — Ezra’s got ‘Em — and the Return of Maya?!?) Oliver Goldstick, the show’s executive producer, said the upcoming episodes will delve into “finding out who was the Black Swan, and also who is part of the ‘A’ syndicate… Is ‘A’ actually more than one person? And is Mona in fact controlling these people from behind ‘bars,’ or is Garrett the one doing that?”

While these are all important questions, what about Maya? Is she really dead? Nothing is as it appears in this show, so I’m going to take a wild guess and say no. Goldstick said, “You have not seen the last of Maya,” and Megan Masters from TV Line is happily reporting that it will not be in the form of a flashback.

So, where does tonight’s premiere start?

“It’s five months later, and there’s still a lot to recover from for these girls,” Goldstick said, according to TV Line. “The only thing that’s any comfort for them at all is the fact that Garrett is behind bars.”

“The web is more t’A’ngled than they ever imagined,” so take a look at the promo:

Can’t wait for the premiere? Me either.

Thank god for summer television premieres — Happy Pretty Little Liars premiere watching, A-team!

Not caught up? Then you’re in luck, seasons one and two are available on DVD.


Revenge: My Guilty Pleasure

ABC’s breakout show “Revenge” is my latest guilty pleasure and, thankfully, it has been renewed for season two, according to The Hollywood Reporter.

“Revenge,” starring former “Brothers & Sisters” star Emily VanCamp, is what I classify as “The O.C.” meets the Upper-East-Siders of “Gossip Girl” meets the suspense and mystery of “Pretty Little Liars.” If you haven’t started watching, then you should take advantage of Hulu Plus’ one-week free offer. Trust me, you’ll be able to finish the entire first season in one week.

Emily Thorne, played by VanCamp, moves into a Hamptons beach house as she  attempts to unravel the oh-so-seemingly-perfect lives of the people who betrayed her father.

Conrad and Victoria Grayson, played by Henry Czerny and Madeleine Stowe, testified against Thorne’s father who was wrongfully convicted of crimes he didn’t commit. As a result, Thorne is working through her roadmap for revenge, which was left in a series of diaries by her father that explains the degrees of involvement played by each person.

If I haven’t already convinced you to watch “Revenge,” then take a peak at this promo for the pilot episode:

Trust me, you won’t be disappointed. And what’s  more, the first season just wrapped — giving you the entire summer to catch up and be ready for season two when it premieres in the fall.

Castle: Why Beckett… & Who Will Receive Those Files?

Det. Beckett played by Stana Katic in "Knockout"

It’s been one week since we were knocked out (nice play on words, huh?) by the season finale of Castle. Beckett is jarred by the betrayal and death of Capt. Montgomery and boy the audience is too.

I cannot count the number of times I have re-watched “Knockout” in the past week analyzing every shot.

Det. Beckett, played by Stana Katic, will survive even though creator Andrew Marlowe recently said in an interview that she wasn’t wearing a bullet-proof vest. But if she didn’t survive who would Castle follow? There wouldn’t be a show. So I’m not acknowledging this as a possibility.

But some details continue to tug at my heart. One, why Beckett? Two, did Capt. Montgomery mail those files to Castle?

Throughout “Knockout” the question of whether or not Hal Lockwood, the hired hit man, is coming after Beckett is discussed, but why Beckett? She doesn’t know who is behind the whole conspiracy, and Capt. Montgomery takes this information to grave with him. So why Beckett? I believe it is because she wants to find out who killed her mother, which will reveal the man behind it all. This, I’m sure, will be addressed in the upcoming seasons.

Did Capt. Montgomery mail those files to Castle before baiting the hit man and his counterparts to the helicopter hangar? Marlowe also revealed in another interview that Castle will have to deal with knowing more information than Beckett in the upcoming season (upcoming… counting down the days to the season premiere). Capt. Montgomery acknowledged Castle’s hold over Beckett in the final episode, so who better than Castle to mail them to? Plus, why else would that scene have been included in the finale, when so many details were being divulged? The writers were smart to include it because the betrayal pushed the shot to the background, which leaves it to be addressed next season.

Never has one show left me so emotionally jarred. Not Grey’s Anatomy. Not Glee. Not even Friends, which I continue to have a strong connection with.

Sad news–It’s only been one week since the finale. For now, I will attempt to get my dad up-to-date with seasons one and two of Castle because he jumped into the story during “Knockdown.” Castle fans cannot get enough of this show. Re-runs of my favorite duo will have to do.

Castle: The Shot Heard Throughout the World

As the shot rang out, Det. Kate Beckett went done, and Castle whispered those three words we’ve been waiting to hear all season. “Kate, I love you. I love you, Kate.”

Never has one show evoked so many raw and genuine emotions as did the season finale of ABC’s Castle.

Knockout” dealt with the case of Johanna Beckett, who was murdered by a hitman because of a legal case she was working on. (SPOILER ALERT) The season finale left us on edge when it was revealed that Capt. Montgomery was involved with two other NYPD cops who were killed trying to expose the truth.

Where to begin.

After Andrew Marlowe, the creator of Castle, let it slip that a cast member would die in the season finale, I knew that it had to be Capt. Montgomery. Why? I guess you could say I had a gut feeling, especially after the announcement on last week’s “Pretty Dead” episode that he was retiring from the force. Why else would that be written into the show? It had to serve a bigger purpose, and my theories were confirmed.

But the way he went down was completely unexpected. We were led to believe that Capt. Montgomery brought Kate to the helicopter hanger so the hitman could kill her. But he used her as bait. Enter Castle, who carried a kicking and screaming Det. Beckett from the scene (We’ll get back to this performance in a minute). The Capt. went down protecting her, which made the final scene even more intense. Just when you thought that the Captain had made the “ultimate betrayal,” to quote the promo, towards Det. Beckett, you realize that the ultimate betrayal was towards the hitman, Hal Lockwood, and the person he was working for.

As for Stana Katic‘s performance as Det. Beckett. Oh my gosh. Where do I even begin?

Strong. Emotional. Raw. Katic’s performance took the viewers on an emotional rollercoaster. In this episode, we saw Beckett a truly strong female character, possibly one of the best female characters ever written and performed to date. But my words can’t even capture the essence of this performance (Much like Castle couldn’t articulate his feelings in that intense scene between him and his mother). You just need to see her performance for yourself. Amazing.

When Det. Beckett was shot, which was a shot heard throughout my house, and I’m sure many other households for that matter. My dad and I, both who were watching the episode on different TVs screamed out as she fell to the ground. Totally and completely blindsided by this.

This episode was a great end to an unforgettable season. It contained continuity from past episodes, which some critiques have complained about. Now that third season is complete, let’s look at it in its entirety, and not on an episode-by-episode basis, even though that’s kind of what I did here. The difference here being that it was the finale to the season, and the other episodes are strategic moves leading up to this point.

But like I said before, never has a show captured me like this one has. It’s witty, charming, raw, full of emotion and speaks a lot of truth to relationships.

So where do we go from here?

This is going to be one long summer void of new Castle episodes, but I guess I’ll re-watch the season on my DVR (Thank god). Of course Beckett cannot die. From what I’ve read everyone seems to be focusing on this aspect, but you wouldn’t have a show if she did. Who would Castle follow around? Not to mention the loss of sexual tension and witty banter between Beckett and Castle.

But rather where does the relationship between Castle and Beckett go, and how does her identity evolve after the revelations of the season finale? Even more importantly, what does this betrayal mean for our friends at the Twelfth Precinct?

So for now, I leave you with a quote from Det. Beckett, as we all sit in a cloudy haze of shock:

If you’re lucky, you find someone willing to stand with you.

But if you’re like me, then this isn’t enough, and you’re grasping for anything Castle related. Head over to TV Guide to check out the interview with Andrew Marlowe about how we move forward in season four.

September cannot come soon enough.